Common Reasons for Roof RepairRoofs usually have an estimated lifespan that is based on the durability of the material under normal weather conditions. This lifespan can be cut short for those people who own homes or businesses in areas of harsh climates, such as the summer heat of the south, of the blistering cold winters of the North. It’s important to keep in mind that your weather conditions play a big factor in how often you need to replace or repair your roof.

To counteract the the inevitable harsh elements, there are different things you can do to help protect your roof from the heat or the cold.

To protect against the cold weather, it’s important to use a good amount of insulation under the roof. Cold climates, those that produce snow and ice, can weigh heavy on a roof due to both the wetness of the ice, but the slow thawing afterwards. The insulation not only helps keep your home warmer during the colder months but also helps control the temperature of the roof, helping it stay closer to that idea normal weather condition.

For those in southern climates, like Texas, the strong summer heat can be destructive to roofs. The blistering sun will literally bake a roof, eventually causing the materials to expand and contract, leading to cracks and open seams. Mix that with the occasional rain and thunderstorm, and your home or business could be victim to water leaks, infestation and more.

For asphalt shingled roofs, using good quality materials and keeping your roof clean and primed is a good way of keeping it healthy. If there is any need to repair or replace sections of a roof, make sure it’s done by a trained professional who will set it up correctly for maximum protection. A badly installed roof could lead to easier leaks and damaged shingles.

Another option for roofs is the use of thermal coatings such as Elastomeric or Aluminium Roofing coats. These coats reflect the heat and reduce the chances of the material being damaged through deformation. These types of coats are usually reserved for flat roofs, such as those found in commercial properties.

Regardless of your weather conditions, routine check ups and maintenance should be performed by an experienced professional. There may be problems, such as small cracks (or the start of damage) that is not noticeable without proper inspection. It’s better to catch problems early on, so that you avoid any costly problems resulting from more extended roof damage.

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