Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance

If you are like the rest of us, there is one thing about roof maintenance that you are definitively not anticipating: your roof replacement.  It is a huge investment that every homeowner must face at some point in life.

Most of us are willing to prolong as much as possible the life of our current roof, because we cannot even imagine what it may cost to have our beautiful roof replaced.   Just thinking about all the shingles that need to be replaced gives you a headache, and if you’re something like me, you probably are feeling anxious and stressed.

We would love all the preventive maintenance tips we could get, and of course, the best tips are always free!

Is there some protective layer we can put on it to prevent the Texas heat or rain to wear it out? Can we detect any defects when they appear and avoid them from growing?  Is there anyway I can do, like with my car, a preventive maintenance that can extend its life?

There is preventive roof maintenance!

Most people are not picky about what they want in a roof, in that they want it to look good, to not leak, and to last for a very long time. 

There are good news! All these three objectives can be met if you regularly inspect and maintain your roof.  The easiest and most effective way to make your roof last longer is to inspect it regularly, so that you can fix small problems before they have the chance to evolve into huge and expensive repair projects.

Do you have large or tall trees that hang over your home? Then inspecting your roof regularly is even more important!

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Preventive Roof Inspection

Are you going up there by yourself?

Please be sure you can do it yourself.  There is a big risk involved in climbing to the roof of your house, it doesn’t matter if it is a single story home.  An unwanted fall may provoke a serious injury, or even be fatal.  Each of these scenarios could mean not only a lot of pain for you or your family, but a serious threat to your economy as well.

Take all the possible security measures, have always some company and use appropriate equipment.  Think of your way up, but also that you could slide if your shoes aren’t of the proper type.  Also, make sure you have something to grab that won’t come off if you pull it.  This could save your life!

And also consider that All Star Roofing is here to help!

Experience does not only mean that you can rely on the quality of the materials and the techniques used to execute a job.  It also means that security is an important matter to consider and it is a pre-requisite in every challenge that is to be tackled.

If you aren’t 100% sure that you can climb onto your roof safely, you should have a professional or someone that is otherwise capable do it for you. While many roofing contractors will charge you for a roof inspection, All Star Roofing offers a no-cost, no-obligation inspection to make sure you and your home are protected.

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