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efficient home insulation

How does a well sealed attic help lower AC Costs?

Most houses in Austin (and the entire state of Texas) have an attic, which is the one place that has the biggest energy leaks in the entire house, aside from a basement. A home consists of an “envelope” which is the living space encased with insulation that is heated or cooled. For the majority of […]

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Old Home Repair

Common problems in Old Homes

Older houses have definite character and appeal to them. If one happens to grab your eye, or you are looking to sell your house that is maturing well beyond its years, be advised that older house may bring more than character to the negotiating table. The sale of your older home may bring more headaches […]

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Austin Home Inspection

Three things to ask a home inspector

Buying a used (or even new) home can be a daunting prospect. Homes have some many little movable parts in them, it’s almost impossible to catch all the problems it may have. Usually the older the house, the more chances that problems may lay hidden within. Whether it’s outside, inside, within the walls, or below […]

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